Jennifer Aniston: rumours of pregnancy, a cancelled wedding and Friends reunion

Jennifer Aniston is never too far from the entertainment headlines. Her marriage to Brad Pitt, her famous hair style “The Rachel” sported during her time in hit series Friends, her many movie success and of course her breakups and relationships meant there has never been a dull moment for her.

One topic that seems to be haunting her through the years though are the regular rumours of a pregnancy. She has probably one of the most watched abdomens in Hollywood and now the rumour mill is on fire as once again it has been rumoured that Aniston is indeed expecting. A Facebook page touting itself as Jennifer Aniston has also announced the news. The great thing about pregnancy rumours is that in a matter of months it is pretty clear whether or not the rumours are true – the emergence of a baby Aniston or not will be undeniable proof.

It is assumed the father is Aniston’s fiancé Justin Theroux however if further rumours are to be believed all is not rosy in the garden for the pair. Speculation that the couple are about to cancel their upcoming wedding have been emerging. Allegedly the couple did not spend Thanksgiving together and not due to Justin Theroux’s new HBO series which doesn’t start filming until February but due to him living full time in New York which some believe is to be closer to his ex Heidi Bivins. Though none of these claims can be substantiated.

Matt Le Blanc was also dragged into the rumour mongering when being interviewed by E! News. Asked if he was going to the wedding he stated he didn’t know and that he didn’t believe there was a date set yet. In the same interview he was asked if he would be joining Jennifer and the rest of the Friends team for a reunion now that it is 10 years since the show finished up. It seems the only clear thing is that there are no plans for a Friend’s reunion – well if there are Matt LeBlanc is not going to be in it!

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