Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson - romance in the air?

Guess who Jennifer Aniston's been sinking her teeth into of late? Only her ex Vince Vaughn's on screen pal - Owen Wilson.

So says the Daily Star (oracle of all things true), the pair have been stealing candlelit dinners together and sneaking round like lusty teenagers on the set of their new film Marley and Me. And Jen's role in the film? Owen's on screen wife. Peeeerfick. Group hug everyone - and now a big long happy sigh, 'Ahhhh, aint that nice'.

So while Jen was reported to be seeing someone on the set of her new film 'Travelling in Vancouver' - looks like that was just a red herring. It's the boy Wilson who's really revving her engine.

First Brad taking off with Ange. Then splitting up with Vince Vaughn. Jen's certainly been through the mill and it's time we saw her happy. Who cares if she's coming between two best friends - there are no rules in love!

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