Jen saved Pitt's voicemails, Brad still lusts after her

Jennifer Aniston is so over her marriage to Brad Pitt that dissecting it in the world media has become something of a sport. The latest nugget of Aniston-Pitt memorabilia to surface is that Jennifer has hung onto Brad's voice messages.

So Over It Aniston told Marie Claire; “I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband [Brad Pitt]. . . It’s like saving love letters.”

Meanwhile a source close to Pitt (aka someone who brushed past him once on the street) told The National Enquirer that Brad is ruuing the day he ever dumped the Friends star:

“The way Brad talks about Jen is enough to make his drinking buddies wonder that maybe, after all this time, he wishes he hadn’t broken up with her. You just get the feeling Brad now knows he could always be himself around Jennifer and he can’t with Angelina. I'll bet he's secretly lusting after Jen as she turns 40.”

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