Jedward's Prezza gig

If we were the Irish Government, we'd be stepping up action to prevent a potential diplomatic incident; rumour has it that Jedward could be asked to play for Barack Obama when the Pres visits Ireland later in the year. Jedward cruised through to the Eurovision finals last night, which makes it likely that the pair will be picked to croon for Barry O'.

Jedward told The Sun, 'We will celebrate by getting lots of rest and preparing for the final. If we win Eurovision and get to perform for Obama that would be the ultimate, he's even bigger than Simon Cowell! They have never seen anything like us in Europe. We can wear all the outfits we've worn in the UK because nobody has seen them here.'

We're still in shock at the staggering fact that Jedward are second favourites to win the competition, behind France. Blue must be hanging their heads...

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