Jedward's live sex show

Many things have been said about the Twins Grimm from The X-Factor; %*!$*, %$!*$ *%%!$$!! and $%*!%$*$ !!*%$%$! %*%!*%$ being just a few of them but you’d never think in a millions years sex symbols would be one of them. Well you'd be wrong.

According to The Sun, John & Edward have been dancing in the windows of the house they’re staying at in Golders Green London, wearing only their boxer shorts and mimicking the Michael Jackson crotch grab (insert libellous joke here.) It goes from bad to worse; there are actually some female fans who like it and egg them on with flashes of their breasts, with some even leaving dirty messages at the gates for them. *throws up*.

"The girls were screaming the boys' names and then they started doing Michael Jackson routines," said one voyeur. "It was bedlam. The girls were getting their boobs out and all sorts".

Maybe it was an 'undress' rehearsal for Saturday night’s X-Factor?

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