Jedward's Ghostbusted leg

Jedward's Edward met his pop Waterloo yesterday in Weston-Super-Mare. The entertainer fell while attempting to perform one of the tricky moves in Ghostbusters that the pair have devised, to distract attention from their singing. Edward twisted his leg, but bravely continued to dance, even high fiving his brother at the end of the song - before being carted off on a stretcher to hospital.

Jedward's manager Louis Walsh told the Daily Mail 'It was live TV and that’s what can happen on live TV. They were excited to be performing in front of 70,000 people and we hope he’s all right.' JLS tweeted their best wishes, saying 'BIG RESPECT to JEDWARD. 1 of them broke their ankle on stage & still carried on till the end! Say wat u want but that's a performer. Oritsé.'

Interesting (though worrying for thr cheeky Irish pair) that even fellow X Factor inmate Oritse can't tell Jedward apart...

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