Jedward 'special needs versions of each other'

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is known for its merciless destruction of simple pop folk playful teasing of popstars, so John and Edward should have been braced for a bit of banter. However, according to reports, Jack Dee became so excited at the prospect of tearing apart the simplest pair in pop, that his jokes bordered on bullying.

A source told The Sun, 'Jack went a bit overboard. It started out as good fun but soon turned a bit nasty. The boys knew they were going to get the p*** taken out of them and were up for it. But Jack kept going at them relentlessly and it got to the point where he used some seriously strong language. The audience and other panellists got a bit uncomfortable. Even Jack realised he had gone too far and tried to pull it back towards the end.'

One of Jedward seemed unfazed by the teasing, saying, 'Jack Dee was a bit rude but we've had worse. At the end of the show he asked for a picture with us so we think he's secretly a massive fan.'

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