Jedward clanger

After a period of blissful silence, Jedward are making a concerted effort to remain in the public eye - unfortunately for their management they are attempting to do this by a) damaging their own limbs, and b) making wildly inappropriate comments about gravely ill stars. Last weekend, Jedward's Edward tore a ligament on stage, while performing Ghostbusters. He then attempted to compare his plight with that of Cheryl Tweedy, seriously ill in hospital with malaria.

According to The Mirror, when asked about Cheryl, John said, 'We’d better call her. It’s kind of crazy.' Edward then added, 'I’m like Cheryl’s twin because I hurt myself. She hurt herself. Two great people hurting themselves. It’s going to be a big funeral.'

Their beleaguered management were then forced to defend the pair, saying, 'The boys would never mean any offence to anyone. Cheryl has been so good to them and I know they’re sending all their thoughts and sympathies to her. It was an ill-judged quip that was never meant to cause any offence.'

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