Jedward at the centre of fixing controversy

X Factor's terrible twins John and Edward Grimes have found themselves at the centre of another 'fixing' controversy with allegations that they are using Milli Vanilli style tactics during their live performances.

Jedward are rumoured to be using prerecorded vocals to enhance their live singing. An unnamed leak revealed details of the ploy to The Sun: 'Every week session singers record backing tracks to some songs.'

'But soundmen are told to turn down the levels of the twins' mics so their vocals are mostly covered by the backing singers. Often mics are so low the twins' singing would be barely audible.'

The mole continued by claiming that the twin's performance of Under Pressure on Saturday was a case in point, with Jedward's live vocals reduced to 'ridiculous levels'. 'The only time levels were raised was when they were rapping.'

A spokesperson for X Factor, however, rubbished the reports: 'Contestants sing live and all are given equal technical support.'

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