Jedward are in the money

Jedward might be the unexpected hits of X Factor, raking in millions wherever they deign to sing, and meeting Presidents on a daily basis, but they're still not allowed near their earnings. The Jedward parents have ensured that the pair can't touch their £3.5m pot, and are handed £20 a week, to share between themselves. That'll buy them a comic and a couple of Curlywurlies.

John of Jedward told The Sun, 'We still only get £20 pocket money a week together, which is mean as our older brother Kevin gets the same for himself.' A source close to the twins confirmed, 'Even though the boys are paid the money they've earned, their parents keep a very close rein on their purse strings.'

The gruesome twosome are also grounded by their strict parents if they don't tidy their rooms. John admitted, 'When we haven't cleaned our bedroom we're not allowed out. That's really bad as I'm so messy. I throw things everywhere.' Lets hope they keep up the tidying for their appearance on Celebrity Big Brother later this month, or they might end up with no pocket money at all...

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