Jed's in the money

Jedward are clearly winning the earnings race against their fellow X Factor 2009 alumni, the simple twins have just been handed a cool half a million for their Eurovision track, 'Lipstick' to be featured in a Hyundai advert, starring none other than serious thesp, Leonardo Di Caprio. We wonder if Leo knows about the terrible two? Joe McElderry, who won the 2009 series of X Factor faces the axe from his record company.

A smug source told The Sun, 'We didn't think anyone in that part of the world had heard the song. The lads are caning it in Europe ahead of Eurovision, so it was a surprise to be asked by Hyundai. But the money is good so whatever happens in Düsseldorf in May they'll be winners.'

Jedward have raked in £3 million in total since leaving the show, guided by their evil genius boss, Louis Walsh.

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