Jay-Z's Glastonbury dig at Noel Gallagher

Jay-Z hit back at his critics in the best way possible by playing a storming set at Glastonbury on Saturday night. The Victor Meldrew of Britpop, Noel Gallagher, had criticised the choice of the rapper from Brooklyn's as headline act on the Piramide stage saying that it went against the festival's tradition of guitar music.

But Mr Beyoncé was much more subtle in his response opening his set with a mocking version of Oasis nineties' anthem Wonderwall before launching into a rocking version of 99 problems.

Hopefully Mr Gallagher was in the audience and experienced a moment of clarity. It's 2008 Noel, Cool Britannia is no more, Blair is no longer at No 10 and you haven't made any good music in over ten years, if ever.

Jay-Z Glastonbury 2008 Wonderwall Oasis cover & 99 Problems

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