Jay-Z hits back at big testy head Noel Gallagher

Jay-Z's finally hit back after Noel Gallagher's not very snide attack about him playing Glastonbury 2008. Noel is sorely pi*sed off at a hip hop act headlining a festival which Gallagher thinks should be left to folk who know how to play guitars and pen poppy Indie anthems.

So Jay-Z's finally got round to buzzing the nations number one mouthpiece, (The Sun showbiz desk) to vent some hot air about Gallagher - a dinosaur who Jay-Z believes should run with the musical herd or face extinction.

"We don’t play guitars, Noel, but hip-hop has put in its work like any other form of music. People have an opinion about who should perform there. But the world changes and we have to embrace the change".

"From Afrika Bambaataa DJ-ing in the Bronx and RUN DMC going platinum, to Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince winning the first rap Grammy, I’m just next in the line. We have to respect each other’s genre of music and move forward...the artists of yesterday paved the way for the artists of tomorrow and that’s just how music is. For us rappers to arrive at this point has taken years" (The Sun)

Crumble that in your piece pipe and smoke it Noel. Gallagher only ever managed to get one soundbite in the papers re Jay-Z - (the curveball about Kylie.) Jay-Z's just served up a platter of sumptious bites and wise musings about the future of the international music scene. And he's got Usher on his side - round one to Jay-Z.

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