Jay-Z hearts Cheryl

We're hoping Beyonce's alright with this, or that the Jiggaman has even told her about it. Jay-Z's got a bit of a Geordie talent crush, you see, (no, not you Ant and Dec). The super rapper has a beady one on Geordie crumpet Cheryl Cole. Well quite frankly, who doesn't?

Dangling the carrot of all showbiz carrots in front of Cheryl's eyes, the Jiggaman told The Sun: 'I keep a close eye on the music industry throughout the world and I know how hot Cheryl is in the UK. The US market is the toughest one to break into, but once you do it is by far the most lucrative. I think Cheryl has that talent to do it. There is nobody in the US like her right now, and I would be very interested in helping her break the US market this year. Bey has seen her perform and she told me how impressed she was. I checked her out and I was impressed as well.' (OK, so he has told 'Bey'.....)

On the dancing / performing side, Cheryl can definitely cut it. But on the singing side all we can say is, it takes a big voice to crack the American market - like, Leona big. It also takes nerves of steel....as in someone not prone to crying.

However, we're going to take the wise decision to completely ignore those reservations in light of the fact that the biggest powercouple in Hollywood will be guiding her career; of course La Cole will make it! Time for Beyowulf to brush up on their Geordie lingo?

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