JayZ and Adele in Glasto talks

Glastonbury festival is seen by music insiders as the place to cut a good deal. After all, the industry's finest are all gathered in a field in Somerset, a bit tipsy on cider; what better atmosphere for deal-making? Jay Z and Adele were apparently in close talks during the weekend about collaborating on the London songbird's next hit.

A source told The Sun, 'Jay has been making the most of his trip over here. It's not often he is overwhelmed by people when he meets them, but Adele was on top form as usual. She talked him under the table. He was chuckling all the way through their chat. He's keen to work with her, whether it's producing or writing together. She was a huge hit in the States and he believes they could make a massive record together.'

However, Adele slipped up one key point: her own taste in music. Appazza, the singer told Jay-Z to check out embarassing faux-folky Nutini, 'He told her he was going to Glastonbury and she gave him a guide of what to see. She said he must catch Paolo Nutini. She said he was the must-see act of the festival.'

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