Jay Z, Beyonce and P Diddy : scrapping in Cannes

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the star, the more attention they will need focused on themselves at their own party.

Jay-Z demonstrated this near scientific law at his Cannes party last week, when P Diddy mistakenly tried to upstage him. Diddy wanted to get up on the desks and get the crowd going, but Jay-Z vetoed the idea realising Diddy would steal his thunder clean away - and the dispute ended in an almighty row.

'It's not your party, it's my party' screamed Jay-Z stamping his feet and flapping his arms in the air when Diddy suggested he might liven up the dancefloor with a few crowd pleasers. 'Stop being such a stage hogger' shouted Diddy, grappling for the mike.

Stalemate then ensued before the pair realised there was only one thing for it. Get bladdered and do New York New York in tandem. By the end of the high kicking show Jay-Z and Diddy were friends again, and only Beyonce was left grimacing in the corner at Diddy having stolen her man.

Watch Diddy talk about jetting into Cannes in economy class with no entourage.

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