Jason Statham picks up with Sarah Larson

Hollywood is one big revolving door of shags, ex shags and people you would like to shag but can't just now because they're shagging someone else. But sit on the merry go round long enough and something will come your way.

That's certainly the case for ex cocktail waitress and one time squeeze of George Clooney, Sarah Larson. Since being ditched by George Sarah's slithered a few rungs down the Hollywood social ladder into the muscly arms of Kelly Brook's ex and cockney movie star lagger Jason Statham.

The pair were spotted out to dinner together at a hotel in Vegas recently and then at an after dinner pool party - also attended by 25,000 rubber ducks. Unpeturbed by hecklers accusing her of scooping up Kelly Brook's sloppy seconds, Larson is delighted with her cockney catch and more than happy to stick with him until a bigger Hollywood fish swims into her net. Could be a while!

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