Jason Manford's Twitter shame

Imagine being a stand up comedian. A bad stand up comedian who is inexplicably popular, but a stand up comedian all the same. You’re alone on tour, away from home and your loving wife and feeling a bit randy. Do you:

  1. Order an adult film from your the hotel’s pay channel and have a go at ‘relieving the tension’?
  2. Trawl the bars and clubs of your the town you’re in, hoping to snare a fan post-gig?
  3. Pay for it, hoping you don’t get ‘Rooneyed’?
  4. Open up your laptop and start pesting a female fan on Twitter, having no idea if she’d sell her story to the papers?

Now, all of these options carry a risk, but really, if you’re somewhat famous surely you don’t choose option ‘4’, right? Well The One Show star Jason Manford did, and now he’s going to have a whole lot of explaining to do to his wife, who by the way if heavily pregnant with their third child. Nice one Jason.

He started getting frisky with 22-year-old Debra McNamee, who sent a message to him on his Twitter page on 22 October. Soon after he was senting her private messages begging for racey snaps, including topless ones. Needless to say, she obliged, and Manford than explained to her just what he had been up while he was having a look. Yes, that.

‘When I first sent a message to him I thought he'd never reply,’ said the somewhat naive sound McNamee. ‘Famous people never do and I was surprised when he got in touch. At first he just asked me about my dog and what I was up to and things like that. But after a while it started to get a bit more flirty.

‘When he thought no one would know, he started getting more and more racy in what he said. I think he was bored on tour and thought he'd never get found out. He'd ask me for photos and then tell me how excited he was by them. He asked me if I could keep it secret and he told me I looked sexy.

‘It made me feel good, but I was quite shocked about what was going on. It was very different from how he seems on the TV and on stage. I'm a big fan of his and I think I just got caught up in the excitement of Tweeting someone so famous.’

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