Jasmine Lennard and Cristian MJC snog in Big Brother house

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Things got a little steamier in the Big Brother house last night as Jasmine Lennard stuck her claws in housemate Cristian MJC. The pair shared a passionate kiss on screen which got viewers hot under the collar to really help spice up the season.

Jasmine is back in the house for the "Hotel from Hell" task which has seen some interesting rules come into effect. Very shortly after entering the BB house, the 29 year old model immediately set her eyes on Cristian.

She did her best to invite Cristian to her bedroom but he had to explain that as a staff member he was not allowed to share a room with a guest. She managed to convince him to follow her into the garden where she temptingly told him "I must not be left alone with you".

When they returned indoors to head to bed Lennard told him "Wow, this sucks for you doesn't it? Shame" before they shared an intimate kiss with a few lip bites. As soon as Jasmine headed off to bed, Cristian's fellow staff members Jack and Marc bounded over to Cristian to congratulate him on his moment of passion.

New addition Dexter Koh believes that the moment will help propel Cristian all the way to final telling Digital Spy "This will secure Cristian's place in the final, in my meagre opinion anyway." He also thinks that the pair will have some more fun on the show adding "I don't know if it's going to be full-on sexual intercourse but I do think that there will be some heavy petting."

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