Jarvis Cocker voted Britain's Gloomiest Singer

When it comes to gloomy singers, Britain is top of the league. There's Steven "Misery" Morrissey. Sinead "Waterworks" O'Connor. Even that Ian Brown never smiles, does he? So it's a bit of a shock to find that none of those three were crowned 'Britain's Gloomiest Singer' at the London club for all things sad and sorrowful Feeling Gloomy. Nope, their Crown of Thorns went to Jarvis Cocker.

Jarvis Cocker? Are they sure? He does seem a little hung up about his adolescence, and he can get a bit mardy with people calling themselves the King of Pop, but he's always seemed to be quite a cheery soul to us. Somewhere in LA Morrissey is surely phoning his lawyers for a recount.

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