Japanese greeting custom : suitcase full of weed

Everyone knows that Japanese standards of hospitality are amongst the highest in the world. Presents when you go for dinner. Saki on tap. Geishas on hand to cater to your every whim. And now to add to the list - customs officials who greet you at the airport with a parcel of weed.

An official at Tokyo's Narita airport is in disgrace after stuffing a package filled with the pungent herb into an unsuspecting passenger's baggage, which he then hoped to 'track' and use in a practice 'drugs bust'. So far so unprofessional. However before sniffer dogs had the chance to press their snouts to the ground and snuffle out the skunk the customs official realised he'd become distracted and had no idea where the suitcase and it's precious contents had gone.

"The dogs have always been able to find it before, I became overconfident that it would work" - said the custom official after admitting to having practiced the drill before using real passenger baggage and not a training suitcase - as per regulation. Tokyo custom officials have urged whoever has the bag to return the contents. Miiight not work.

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