Janis Winehouse: Amy isn't coming back to England

Amy Winehouse won't be coming back to England any time in the near future according to the singer's mother. Janis Winehouse told Heat magazine that her daughter is happy on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

"She [Amy Winehouse] has no plans to come back home right now and definitely doesn't want to go back to Camden," the chanteuse's mum said. "Who knows where she'll go but for now she wants to be away from it all."

Janis Winehouse also insisted that her daughter still plans to divorce her husband Blake Civil-Fielder: "The divorce proceedings are still going ahead, but her dad Mitch deals with that side of things. As for the money, I don't know what is happening with regard to Blake."

Like any mum worth her salt Winehouse's mother rejected her daughter's reputation as a hell raiser: "Despite what people say, Amy isn't a wild child. She's just a regular girl and isn't one for big parties. All she want to do is sing and make music, as well as spending time with her family and friends."

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