Janice:' the need to rescue Amy is enormous'

Getting off crack isn't easy, and hats off to anyone who does it and manages to stay clean long term. However, replacing it with something else which is equally bad in binge proportions probably isn't the greatest idea - a la Amy Winehouse with grog.

The singer has been hitting the bottle hard of late in an effort to stay away from drugs, and now her parents have spoken out about the fact that their singing legend daughter may soon be headed for AA.

Janice Winehouse told ITN how, "Amy is in denial all the time. She probably feels trapped, her body is trapping her. But I know with addiction you do not have the choice because the substance itself directs you." She continued; "The need to rescue Amy is enormous.....I want to say to her - 'Amy, what are you doing? Don't you know what you're doing?' But she by then has got herself on to it to help her get through, and I understand that."

Superdad Mitch Winehouse also added his tuppence worth. "I need my daughter to be a whole person again. I tried it all - I said, 'Amy you've got to do this, you've got to go to this doctor, you've got to do this, you've got to do that, you're killing me, you're killing your mum'. None of it worked." However he did add that the Amy's recovery from drugs has been steady, if not slow. "For the last six months there's been a remarkable recovery. A gradual recovery, which is good. With slight backward steps - not drug backward steps, more drink backward steps if you follow my drift. I think that will be the pattern of recovery."

Speaking about the possibility of Amy and hubby Blake Fielder Civil getting back together, Poppa Wino didn't mince his words. "The option of them being together is too horrible to contemplate. They are going to get divorced and who knows what's going to happen down the line. Amy and Blake have decided that they want to get on with their lives separately, and if they get back together again in the future and they're both clean and they still love each other, that's up to them."

Wise words, but let's hope not.

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