Janice Dickenson, blind drunk

When ex supermodel Janice Dickenson agreed to make an appearance on Finland's Next Top Model telly bosses smelled a ratings boost. Unfortunately they hadn't banked on her getting horribly drunk during a dinner scene and tumbling down the stairs.

Prior to her trip down the wooden hill, a roiling drunk Janice berated the girls for not having a good enough reason for wanting to be a model. "I wanna be a model because I wanna eat, I wanna sleep, I wanna pose, and I wanna shit..." slurred Janice, as the wannabee models looked on horrified. She then told one of the models 'too bad you're ugly' - later blaming the girls for not 'getting' the American gag when it looked like there would be tears at bedtime.

By the time Dickinson's dinner rant had rumbled to a stunned close, alcohol levels were at an all time high, causing Janice's perilous descent down the stairs to end in tears. She stacked it somewhere near the bottom, hurting her leg in the process. As the brainless beauties gather around her a furious Janice screeches, "Do something you dumb models, call a f*cking ambulance!" She then sighs helplessly, "You're all so stupid."

Janice later apologised for her outrageous behaviour, blaming it on having quaffed too much champers with the sleeping pills she had taken by mistake.

"As I was leaving the hotel, I took a glass of champagne and I took, instead of a vitamin C, I took sleeping aides. So I mixed a combination of sleeping aid with champagne and it had a reaction that was vulgar and incorrect. Completely inappropriate. I don't remember the things that I said, and that's wrong. And I want to say that I'm so incredibly sorry and I misbehaved. And I hope you can find inside your heart to accept my apology because I'm very, very, sorry. It shouldn't have happened. It's ok to be human, it's ok to make the mistake, but once you make it, it's better not to keep making it." Priceless.

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