Jamie Pugh latest challenger on Britain's Got Talent

A Welsh pizza delivery man is the latest challenger to Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent crown. 37-year-old Jamie Pugh wowed the judges with his version of Bring Him Home from 'Les Miserables' at the weekend.

Pugh told Ant and Dec beforehand that he was so terrified at the prospect of performing in front of a crowd that he hadn't slept for three nights. "I suffer from severe stage fright, it has totally crippled me, and I've come today to see if I can get through three minutes," Pugh said. "I'm just a simple bloke from the Valleys, but my dream is to sing at the Royal Variety in front of a live orchestra."

Things were looking good for Pugh as soon as he opened his mouth with Amanda Holden doing her trademark open mouth surprised look, Simon Cowell had his smugger than smug smile and Piers Morgan looked like, well Piers Morgan.

Check out the video here

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