Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge engaged?

No sooner had we reported Britney back on form following spiffing reviews in How I Met My Mother, than another nugget of splendid news emerged from Camp Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Brit's 16 year old pregnant sister, has done the decent thing and got engaged to her baby-daddy Casey Aldridge. The Zoey 101 star's been spotted sporting a sparkler and Casey's been telling pals the pair are getting hitched - though whether it'll happen before the summer arrival of their baby girl or after, is yet to be confirmed.

What with the shock news of a bub on the way, it was never going to be long before the Spears clan organised a shotgun wedding for the pair down in Louisiana.

America might like it's Mouskateers young, sexy and tempting on screen - but being unmarried and up the duff in real life is pushing the boundaries of good taste too far - congrats Jamie Lynn!

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