Jamie Hince to win Kate Moss back by giving her a baby

So turns out the holiday in Splitsville was just a city break.

Jamie Hince has realised that he'd quite literally be half the man without his special clotheshorse on his arm, and has agreed to meet Lady Caner's demand in order to win her back. Not that it's a demand most men would have to be asked twice to do - give Kate Moss a baby.

Although The Sun recently reported that Kate and Jamie split due to her party animal ways, a snitch on the inside is now claiming that the real reason wasn't Kate's supercaning, but the fact that she wants to be up the spout like now and Hince won't oblige. He's worried about committing to a baby when he's on away on tour so much, despite the fact that a really expensive nanny would always be on hand to bring it up.

Anyway, in order to win his Princess back, Prince Charming has agreed to donate some sperm to the cause, just as soon as he gets back from touring in the states. “When he returns he is ready to back down over the baby issue to save his relationship. He’s sure they can get things back on track” said a gum flapper close to the couple.

So all on board for a Moss-Hince baby. They'd better make sure the house is 'flea free' before they crank the rug-rat machine into action though!

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