Jalfrezi, easy on the chilli

When you're forced to write about the eating habits of Hollywood's A list, you know it's a slow news day. Imagine the joy then when we discovered that this story, starring Brad and Ange, doesn't involve the pair feasting on a medly of mungbeans and fresh air for breakfast followed by a plate of steamed nothing for lunch. When their schedules allow, the high profile pair like nothing better than to get stuck into a ruby.

The genetically blessed couple are in London filming, and while in the capital are eating like the locals do. But whereas most people go through a takeaway menu calculator in hand, adding up the cost of side dishes and that extra portion of poppadoms, Brad and Ange have no such worries. They reportedly spent a whopping £180 on one takeaway. Yes, they have a lot of mouths to feed but even taking into account family size that's way more than one main course each. The reason: they're picking up their grub from London's finest.

The Sun explains: 'A range of dishes, including masala liptey chicken and biryanis, have been ordered from Michelin-starred curry house Tangawizi in Richmond, South West London. Owner Salima Meghji said: 'They spent £180 last time. They have been trying out a variety of dishes.'

Brad and Ange in spicey, calorific binge! But shouldn't the headlines focus on the day after last night's curry? We'd hate to be sharing a portaloo with the glamourpusses on set....

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