Jake Wood to leave Eastenders after a decade playing Max Branning

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Eastenders actor Jake Wood is about to take a break from the soap after playing Max Branning for a decade. Wood has agreed with BBC bosses to take a year out from all of the drama that Max gets up to on a weekly basis.

Wood broke the news to fans on Twitter saying "I shall be taking an extended break from Eastenders from after the summer. Thanks for all your tweets x". The 42 year old actor also put fans minds at ease though promising he will be back in the near future.

Wood told fans "I have been at EastEnders for nine years and I feel the time is right to give Max a break." He added that fans need not worry about a comeback saying "But it won't be for too long as I shall be back next year to see Max face another chapter of drama."

Executive producer of Eastenders Dominic Treadwell-Collins hinted that the move has been a long time in the making saying "When I returned to EastEnders, both Jake and I agreed that Max has been through so much over the past nine years that we would give both him and Jake a break when the opportunity arose."

The manner of his exit is what will be most interesting to fans of the show with something extra dramatic planned. Treadwell-Collins promised fireworks adding "That opportunity has come and it is the perfect time to send Max Branning out with a bang that will send ripples through the Square for the rest of the year until Jake returns."

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