Jaded by abuse

Jade Ewen, the latest starlet through the Sugababes’ revolving membership door, has been forced to close her Twitter account down after a large number of haterz (read: Keisha Buchanan fans) decided to start giving her abuse on the micro blogging site.

Ewen is now officially a Sugababe after Keisha was given the Spanish Archer in a byzantine plot hatched by evil Scouse arch-manipulator Heidi Range. Rumours then circulated that the new girl had been chatting breeze about Keisha behind her back, which prompted her to respond with this on her Twitter page.

‘Let's clear this up,’ she tweeted. ‘I have never met Keisha in my life. We were never friends. I don't understand what she's trying to achieve by saying this.’

After this a torrent of abuse came down on her from Keisha fans (why only be a fan of one of the Sugababes?) Jade has been forced to close her Twitter account. Oooh, the drama.

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