Jade Goody marries Jack Tweed

Terminally ill reality star Jade Goody married her fiancée Jack Tweed this morning in a ceremony at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hatfield Heath, Essex. Publicist Max Clifford spoke to the assembled press outside following the nuptials.

"It started at 12.45pm so I suppose she [Jade] kept him [Jack] waiting for about 45 minutes, but that's her prerogative I'm told." Clifford said. "It was lovely. The chapel was absolutely beautiful and I imagine there must be close to 200 people there. It was just a very heart-rending, happy ceremony with lots of tears and lots of smiles and lots of laughter."

Tweed is currently on electronic monitoring but has been given permission to remain overnight with his new wife by Justice Minister Jack Straw. "This is their one night together. It might be their only night together. They'll be spending the night together here, compliments of Jack Straw." Clifford told reporters. "I know that both Jade and Jack are thrilled that they can spend the one night together. Then probably she'll go home at some point tomorrow."

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