Jacky’s back in town

Self-confessed ladies man and Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson has been at it again. The septuagenarian star went out for a cigarette while dining in the West End and ended up snogging the face off a fan.

The Shining thespian who is rumoured to have slept with over 2000 women was chatting to passers-by when one of them shouted, ‘Jack, can you kiss my mother, she’s a huge fan.’ So Jack, never one to turn down the ladies, obliged and planted a smacker on her lips.

Oh, Jack. You would’ve thought that at his age he’d have calmed down. But we don’t think Mr Nicholson is the worst one in this situation. Imagine grabbing some old man in the street and getting him to snog your mum! What a weirdo! And what about Dad!? He sure has a lot to live up to…

(Image: from Alan Light’s flickr stream)

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