Jackson's death ruled a homicide

Michael Jackson’s death has reportedly been ruled as homicide by the Los Angeles Coroners Office, according to an unnamed source somewhere there.

The LA Times discovered court documents that say Jackson was killed by a lethal dose of propofol – the anaesthetic that his doctors used – as initially suspected. Allegedly the documents show that Conrad Murray told police that he used the drug to cure Jackson’s insomnia and was trying to wean him off it.

While the cause of death says homicide, that doesn’t necessarily translate into what we legally call murder in the UK. Because it was neither suicide nor death by natural causes it has to be filed as homicide, which would also include our equivalent of manslaughter. It also doesn’t mean that charges will be brought.

The source spoke to AP and confirmed the findings, but as the official document has not been released yet, there has been no official word from the Coroners office or the LAPD. The investigation in Jackson's death continues.

Update: It has been confirmed that homicide is the official verdict from the Coroner's Office. The initial theories about cause of death that centred around Jackson's drugs seem to be true, and the conduct of Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, who bought propofol without using his medical license, continues to be investigated.

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