Jackson Twitter rage at bad review

Samuel L Jackson has sparked a critical backlash by making derogatory comments on Twitter about a review of The Avengers in the New York Times. Jackson tweeted a suggestion that the paper’s film critic get a new job, and opened himself up to a substantial counterattack from journalists.

The Pulp Fiction star was unimpressed by the newspaper’s review, in which critic AO Scott bemoaned the film’s "grinding, hectic emptiness" and "bloated cynicism". Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the film, tweeted: "Avengers fans, NY Times critic AO Scott needs a new job. Let's help him find one! One he can ACTUALLY do!"

Actors are usually smart enough and dignified enough not to respond to critics, but it seems that Jackson was offended by the latest review trashing one of his movies (although you would think he might have got used to it). Jackson’s tweet immediately found the critical community rallying round to support Scott.

New Yorker critic Alex Ross commented: "His call for you to lose your job only supports your point about 'glowering authoritarianism' in pop culture". The New York magazine TV columnist Matthew Seitz went further: "The latent fascism of fanboy culture manifests itself through Samuel L Jackson."

Milder responses included a few tweets from the actors followers suggesting that Scott perhaps deserved the right to express an opinion. Jackson wasn’t in the mood to be placated, and reached for his shift key. "That is My Opinion! . . . They aren't going to fire his jaundiced ass & You & I Know It!"

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