Jacko's tribal burial

Michael Jackson has been ‘buried’ by an African tribe who think that the dead pop legend was a God.

The King of Pop was crowned Prince Michael Amalaman Anohin by the Anyi tribe in the Ivory Coast – and was their king in waiting – after a visit in 1992 to ‘sound out the architecture of my DNA’, and was – according to them – going to base himself out there and rule over them with a sequined fist.

They put his spirit to rest in a funeral at a football pitch in the village of Krindjabo in the Sanwi Kingdom, after tribal leaders were denied in their request to have his body sent to them following Jacko’s death.

‘If the Americans or his family permitted us to bring the body here, we’d do what needs to be done,’ said tribesman Emmanuel Kassy Kofi. ‘It was Michael himself who tested his DNA, found this is where he came from and said it’d be good to find his family.’

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