Jacko's secret lovechild?

Whoever's writing the plot to the MJ post death story is coming up with some pretty cracking storylines. We've had Jacko being buried with no brain; Jacko's ghost in Neverland, Jacko's ghost on a Rover 200 in Stafford; Jacko's doctor being the biological father of his kids; Jacko being gay; Jacko having a secret girlfriend; and now, gasp, Jacko fathering a secret lovechild.

Check out pictures of Jacko's 'fourth child.'

The secret lovechild in question is said to be 24 year old Norwegian dancer Omar Bhatti, who was pictured seated next to the Jackson family at his recent memorial. The Sun did some snooping and found that he had lived at the Neverland ranch for several years with Michael and his other children after meeting the KOP in 1996 on his History World Tour. Omer impressed MJ with his dancing and it all went from there.

The Sun say that Omer was born out of a one night stand Jacko had with his Norwegian mother Pia in 1984. Although Omer was raised in Norway, both of his parents, including Pakistani stepfather Riz worked for Jacko, and when Omer was born Jacko reportedly sent 2 people to help with his upbringing. The Sun claims there is a 'startling resemblance' between the youngest of the Jackson kids, 'Blanket' and Omer. Omer, who has worked as an MJ impersonator over the years is said to be launching his own music career under the name O-Bee and is also seeking a DNA test to determine 'the truth' behind his patronage. (The new signing Joe Jackson's been looking for..?)

Aside from the fact that there isn't a startling likeness between Jacko and any of his kids or even, cough, a likeness at all, if Omer really was his fourth child would MJ have wasted the opportunity to pay off his biological mother in exchange for raising the child as his own? And more to the point, would asexual MJ ever have had a one night stand in the first place? In the words of Joe Jackson, this sounds like a big bunch of jibe!

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