Jacko's insurance money stolen

Poor Michael Jackson: it seems his life was in a real old pickle before he carked it. According to The Sun, who are getting every strip of meat off the story bones, Jacko's $20 million life insurance policy was reduced to a measly $2 million because an aide in charge of making the monthly payments was popping it in his back pocket instead.

Dr Steven Hoefflin, another mysterious 'best friend' of Jacko's claims: "The family have told me that, utterly unbelievably and horrifyingly, one of his aides did not keep up with payments in the last months of his life. They believe this person was pocketing the money. This was hugely important to him - it was money for his children. The family are furious and they are now seeking a lawsuit against the person believed responsible. It is incredible, and just stands as further proof of the levels of deception and incompetence of the sharks that surrounded Michael."

Surely the KOP would have had a few bob stashed under the mattress for a rainy day though? And surely Michael's real friends wouldn't be chattering to the tabloids at every opportunity? That would be left to the sharks....

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