Jacko's ghost on car bonnet

...and for Sir, a large helping of silliness on a bed of freshly ground nonsense: a builder has sent an image of what he claims to be Michael Jackson's face on his car to The Sun. Gary Sloggett took some snaps of his Rover 200 in order to sell it and was gobsmacked to see Michael Jackson's face 'staring back at him' after the photos had been uploaded.

"I didn't upload the pictures for a few days but I took them at around 10am on the day after Michael Jackson died. When I saw the picture I immediately turned to my wife and said: 'What is Michael Jackson doing on my car bonnet? If you look at the picture for long enough it even looks as if he has got wings."

Although Gary admits that the reflection is probably in fact a cloud formation, he describes the close encounter as leaving him 'bemused.' He also told of his friends' reaction when he showed them the photo: 'without prompting they all say: 'That's Jacko'. '

It's a headline grabbing story and yes, spirits work in mysterious ways - but would MJ really choose the bonnet of a Rover 200 in Stafford on which to make his spiritual come back? Now you're just pulling our phantom....

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