Jacko wanna be startin' something with David Copperfield

As if the idea of a 50 year old man half made of plastic having a residency at the O2 wasn't bizarre enough, the former King of Pop Michael Jackson has asked fellow 80s has-been David Copperfield to come up with some daft tricks to distract the fans from his failing singing voice and auto-pilot dance moves, according to The Sun.

Top of the list is some ridiculous levitation stunt, but there will also be high-wire nonsense too, and lots of dry ice. Sounds like a really classy affir, doens't it?

'The levitation stunt will be something special,' wibbled the 'source' who penned the press release for the tabloids to use. 'Michael is a massive fan of magic and has been to see all the big illusionists in Vegas over the years.' 'He has some very clear plans on what he wants the show to include and feels David is the man to help make them happen. It’s not just about music for Michael, it’s about the show.' If he doesn't do that weird leaning thing during Smooth Criminal then we'd want our money back, levitation or no levitation. Not that you'd see us anywhere near the circus, of course.

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