Jacko IS IT for one last premiere

There’s nothing quite like a suspicious celebrity death to help promote a new film. Michael Jackson's estate were rubbing their hands with glee last night as the year’s most talked about documentary about the King Of Pop (actually, the only) had its world premiere.

The 'This Is It' screenings, which were shown simultaneously in 16 countries around the world including London at 1am GMT, saw thousands of fans watch their idol perform for one last time. But the real place to be was at the Staples Centre in LA where a batch of celebs strolled up the red carpet including Jacko’s brothers Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Randy. Will Smith, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez also made an appearance.

Feedback of the doco which shows Michael Jackson’s rehearsal footage from his now infamous 02 Arena 50 date shows, was greeted with unanimous praise from fans: "Judging by that film, it would have been the best show of all time" said attendee and Jacko nut Darryn Wade at the Los Angeles premiere.

It wasn’t all positivity though, website ThisisNOTit.com have boycotted the movie and are accusing concert promoters AEG of putting too much stress on Jacko to perform, thereby causing his death. If you didn't catch the film, check out the trailer below.

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