Jack Tweed's a cad

Well this is a fairly predictable story: girl who was once in Big Brother who now makes her money flogging stories to tawdry mags about her lovelife, dates renowned imbecile and cad (oh, and Jade Goody's widower) Jack Tweed. Girl is then surprised when said cad two-times her, and (shock!) sells her story to tawdry mags. And thus the circle is complete.

Chanelle told Closer magazine, 'On the day I saw the picture of Jack and Daisy, he proposed to me. It was over the phone, which I don't take seriously as a proposal. I told him, 'Married? That's ridiculous!' He didn't even have a ring. He's about 12 in his head, he's just a kid who needs to grow up. I don't think he'd be a good dad either and I have to bear that in mind now.' All he ever does is lie to me. People thought we'd long since split up, but actually he's been coming up to see me every week.

She continued, 'I've kept it to myself because I wanted to see if things would work, so whenever anybody has asked about Jack, I've said, 'No, I haven't seen him'. We broke up for about two days a few months ago because he cheated on me, but he was on the phone, saying, 'I'm so sorry, I love you so much' and I took him back. I told him last time we saw each other that I was getting quite bored. Seeing each other once a week, it was never going to go anywhere.'

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