Jack is back

Few things in the world of film are as fun as the swashbuckling adventures of Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends: Each film gets more ridiculous than the next, but somehow Johnny Depp manages to hold together his Keith Richards performance long enough so that it doesn’t become a terrible one-note gag. So it’s with great pleasure that we give to you the trailer for the latest edition: Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Alongside Depp stars smoking hot buxom babe Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane (yes, of Lovejoy fame) as Blackbeard and Geoffrey Rush, reprising his role as baddy Barbossa. The trailer reveals how Sparrow is on the hunt for the fountain of youth, and will obviously incur the wrath of all sorts of bad guys on his way to tracking it down. Best of all it’s on 3D, which means that come May next year we get to stare at Ms. Cruz 3D charms while the kids are goggling at the rip-roaring action.

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