Jack Black confirms Brangelina twins

And the gong for the worst secret keepers in the world goes to - Brangelina. Angelina has finally confirmed the 'news' on national telly that Brangelina are expecting twins.

Actually Jack Black broke the news and Angelina was forced to follow his lead, during an interview on The Today Show about the pair's new animated film Kung Fu Panda..

Black made a quip about the Brangelina troupe ballooning to the size of the Brady bunch as soon as 'those' (pointing at Ange's boobs stomach) were born. Wrong pronoun Jack!

At which point Ange crumbled, and when pressed by the interviewer 'so are you having twins?' nodded feebly, saying 'yes'. 'Do you know the sex of the twins'? 'I would prefer to keep that private'. Girls. 'And will you be having them in France?' 'Possibly'. Yes. Zzzzzz, zzzzzzz.......

Watch Jack showcasing some skillfull kung fu moves on the beach in Cannes with 40 giant pandas.

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