J-Lo performance outrages BGT viewers

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Viewers of Britain's Got Talent were delighted, no sorry, outraged to be greeted by a scantily-clad Jennifer Lopez thrusting her crotch in their direction during the latest edition of Simon Cowell's shoddy talent show. A genuine American superstar strutting her stuff amidst the dross of the amateur acts might have been considered a welcome respite but not by the easily-shocked viewers.

The Daily Mail, as ever the voice of the easily-offended, rounded up some of the viewer reactions to Lopez's raunchy performance, in which she promoted her new single by stripping down to what looked like a high-cut leather leotard and performing a brazenly suggestive dance routine to lyrics like "hot night, so tight, ready to blow". The Mail also showed a revealing gallery of pictures so readers knew exactly why they were taking offence.

"I think Jennifer Lopez needs to be reminded that BGT is a family show," sniffed viewer Sally Flint on Twitter. "Cover up your cheeks please," begged Fi Calder. "Put some clothes on," demanded Charlotte Twine. "Watching Jennifer Lopez was almost porn!" another viewer complained. Much was made of the fact that the show was screened during English half-term, when many children might have been viewing.

It has to be admitted that the professional raunchiness sat a little uneasily next to the inept amateur acts, but a spokesperson for the show defended the performance. "We do not believe that Jennifer Lopez's performance would have exceeded the expectations of the vast majority of the audience for this long-established entertainment programme," they said.

Simon Cowell was certainly impressed and seemed to imply that future BGT contestants might like to consider leather lingerie themselves. "Seriously, J-Lo," Cowell said. "If anyone wants to know how you do it. That's how you do it. Seriously world class."

Fellow judge Amanda Holden could barely restrain herself. "J-Lo's arse. I just wanted to bite it!" she said. "It was fabulous".

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