'I've no idea who I'm working with'

What with all the speculation about US X Factor, and Cheryl-gate, everyone seems to have forgotten the ugly duckling that is the British version. It seems to have transformed from a Zeitgeist-surfing hit show, to a telly programme that no one wants to work on. With only a few weeks to go until auditions, the judges have yet to be appointed. Well, apart from Louis, but he doesn't count.

Dermot told The Sun,'I don't think we need a nasty judge. I think we need an alpha, but an alpha could be anyone. I'd love Lily Allen to be sat in Simon's chair. As a judge, anyone from Take That I'd be over the moon with. But I still hope Cheryl and Simon will be back. I've no idea who I'm working with - which is weird, because we're starting quite soon. I'll just have to do it myself.'

Hmm, that sounds like fighting talk from where we're sitting...

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