'I've had a horrible week'

Opening her new boutique in Essex, Chantelle has finally (well, we say finally, it's been about four days...) opened up about her surprise split with Crimewatch's Rav Wilding, after the pair had a giant barny in the middle of Hyde Park. Unsurprisingly, Chantelle says it's been grim.

Chantelle told The Daily Mail, 'You give six months of your life to someone – you don’t expect this treatment. Everyone could see it was aggressive. I’ve had such a horrible week – it’s been the toughest of my life. For a girl, especially, it’s been horrible. No girl wants to go through this. I find it really painful to talk about. I’m hurt - and I don’t feel good at the moment.'

Chantelle admitted that she almost did a runner at America to escape the split fall-out, 'The whole business has been very stressful. At one point I was close to getting on a flight and going to New York. I wanted to escape it all, start a new life. Then I thought that even though it’s been the week from hell I have to put on a brave face - and my family have been ­really supportive.'

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