ITV's Prey opens with a dramatic episode to attract viewers

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You might be thinking "No, not another drama!" but the introduction of ITV's Prey last night is a welcome addition to the weekly drama checklist. Starring John Simm, Prey is full of adrenaline inducing moments that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Simm plays Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow who is forced to go on the run in a desperate bid to clear his name for something he has not done. Episode 1 opened with poor Farrow dangling upside down after being stabbed - by a PEN! The pen even remained stuck in his chest for a while as blood flowed everywhere.

Viewers would be forgiven for thinking what the hell is going on here but the writers kindly helped us out quickly enough by letting us in on the dire situation Farrow had gotten himself into.

Following a washed up turkish corpse, Farrow had managed to track down an important contact to a local Turkish gang and went to meet him at a pub. This is where things started to go horribly wrong and we were treated to him getting hit by car after car and bleeding all over the streets as he tried to escape home.

But poor Farrow, when he finally made it home, he found his wife had been stabbed to death along with one of his sons. Paralysed by the gravity of the situation, Farrow was unable to muster up the strength to call the police. From the moment Detective Sergeant Susan Reinhardt arrived, she is skeptical of the situation and immediately suspected Farrow of carrying out the murders.

Farrow is then taken into custody but in transit he seized an opportunity to escape and made a break for it. Be sure to tune in for the next two episodes as Farrow has to conjure up his best Richard Kimble impersonation in his search for his one-armed Turkish man. The next episode airs on ITV 1 next Monday at at 9pm.

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