Itsy bitsy teeny weeny.....

We're a bit baffled by the current coverage of Jennifer Aniston. In case you haven't leafed through today's tabloids, the actress is on holiday in Mexico. You might think that's a pretty standard pasttime for a known sunworshipper like La Aniston. Think again. The Daily Mail are all in a tizzy because she's been - wait for it - wearing a bikini.

First it was a purple one and now she's sporting a teensy black number. Yes, two different coloured bikinis on one holiday! Could it be that her swimwear - like ours, always goes a tiny bit baggy on the bum and hence she needs a spare? Or is the Friends actress just being a bit over-indulgent?

We have no idea. What we do know is that lady stars are prone to having their derriere's pored over and their wardrobe picked apart, while blokes can get away with a faded pair of Champions and a built in rubber ring. Daily Mail - if you're listening, next time can we have an exciting story about the colour of Gerard Butler's trunks? Pretty please.

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