It's Tony Astaire! (without Gordon Rogers)

While the fortunes of the Labour party take a daily noise dive, and disillusioned voters leave in their droves - who would have thought that their 1997 battle cry,'Things Can Only Get Better' would seem so ironically resonant? - we think that ministers and activists alike need cheering up. So what could be more cheering than seeing their former leader gussied up in lycra, being whisked around a studio with a garish beauty on his arm? Nothing, that's what. Well, except perhaps winning the election...

The producer of Dancing with the Stars made a direct appeal to Blair, 'Tony, you’ve done everything you can do as PM, you’ve done your bit for the Middle East, now come and put some sequins on and have a real life.' also adding, 'Tony is very popular in the States and I think he may as well come out here and give it a try. Hopefully he might be able to squeeze it in between solving the Palestinian problem and all those other things he’s got on.'

Well, we know that Blair and his wife love nothing more than making a quick buck, so our fingers are tightly crossed. Could we be seeing Tone jiggle around to 'Things Can Only Get better' the disco mix? We can but pray.

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