'It's time to live dangerously'

Peter Andre has bared his chest and opened his heart in the latest edition of heat, explaining to the world why his fake relationship with Elen Rivas failed. Apparently they were both incredibly busy, with their daily trips to the tanning salon, and 'private' work-out routines in Hyde Park.

Pete told heat (ooh, it rhymes!), 'Elen and I never saw one another. I am so busy and so is Elen, and in my heart, I knew that the relationship was never going to step up to the next level. We weren't going to get married. We are better off as friends - and we are. It's amicable and I still meet up with her. We're mates, and if we had stayed together that could have been ruined. We never argued and if the relationship had continued, we would have started to row.'

Pete also took the opportunity to lay down a challenge for the single ladies of the world, saying, 'But for now, it's time to live dangerously and have fun, you know what I mean?' Er, yes - we managed to crack that particularly fiendish code...

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